Riso, D.R. & Hudson, R. (2000). Understanding the Enneagram

The Practical Guide to Personality Types

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Understanding the Enneagram is the favorite Enneagram book of many because of its usefulness, variety of content, brevity, depth, and ease of use. It was originally conceived as a companion volume to their groundbreaking Personality Types, but is also a completely independent resource book, indispensable to anyone who wants to use the Enneagram and make applications of it in their lives and work.

Understanding the Enneagram contains all-new material, including the most complete treatment anywhere of the “traditional” Enneagram (Passion, Virtue, Fixation, and Holy Idea), as well as the “Missing Piece,” the Imbalances of the Centers, the Interrelated Enneagram, and the Paths of Transformation.

Also included are completely revised and expanded versions of profiles of the types, recommendations for growth, misidentifications of all 36 type permutations, more on the Levels of Development, psychiatric correlations with the DSM-IV, and the connections between personality, Essence, and spirituality.


Min rekommendation är att först läsa Riso & Hudsons grundläggande och välgrundande Personality Types innan du läser denna bok, vilket också är vad författarna själva rekommenderar eftersom denna bok är en inte helt fristående uppföljare till nämnda bok. Är du intresserad av inte endast personlighetstyper utan även andliga aspekter av enneagrammet rekommenderar jag med varm hand deras The Wisdom of the Enneagram.


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